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A teeth whitening
salon unlike any other

Our Concept

Fastest and most effective teeth whitening

using the most advanced treatment available today that delivers visible results in just 20 minutes,

with absolutely zero pain and side effects

in a comfortable space where you can relax and be at ease.

The Smile Bar gives you the results and the experience you’ll be
smiling for!

Girl having teeth whitening session while using tablet device
Girl having teeth whitening session while using tablet device

Our Technology

We use a state-of-the-art system

from the leading name in cosmetic teeth whitening in the EU, Brilliant SmileTM Sweden,

that give you whiter teeth safely

with the combination of the exclusive whitening gel and the LED Plasma Light technology, which work together to effectively dissolve teeth stains and reveal your teeth’s natural whiteness.

Teeth whitening salon assistant handing over gift bag to customer

Our Vision and

The Smile Bar makes smiles whiter

through an innovative and safe teeth whitening system that delivers visible results in record time, and in a comfortable environment,

and lives brighter

by giving people the confidence to express their happiness, to share
their joys with the world, and to be a light for themselves and those
around them.

Make the decision your
teeth will love.

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