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Whiter teeth for hearty laughs

Chocolatier with white teeth eating dessert

Allan is the Head of Research and Development for a multinational confectionery company. “I love chocolate, and I’m incredibly lucky that I’m surrounded by what I love every single day,” he shares. “But because I’ve been doing this from the very start of my career, it did have its toll on my teeth.” Aside from having crowns and fillings, his teeth were also heavily stained from years and years of chocolate tasting.

He chanced upon The Smile Bar when one of his friends shared a before and after photo of her teeth whitening session on Instagram. He did a little bit of research on his own, through which he learned that the treatment was fast, painless, and effective. Impressed by the results shared by other people, he went to the website to book a treatment.

“When I first walked in, I really loved the calming, spa-like ambience,” Allan notes. “But what I really appreciated was the competent staff who immediately addressed my concerns.”

During the orientation, Allan discussed his two apprehensions with The Smile Bar’s staff. First was about the crowns on his teeth becoming more obvious after the treatment. “Being aware that the color of the crowns was different from the color of my natural teeth always made me self-conscious,” he laments. “I cover my mouth when I’m laughing.” For this, he was advised to try the Single Whitening session first to see how closely the shades could be matched.

“But what I really appreciated was the competent staff who immediately addressed my concerns.”

His other worry was that he had to work the next day, which meant he had to eat chocolates during the 72-hour period post-treatment when his teeth were susceptible to new discolouration. As he couldn’t afford the downtime, he was offered the NanoSeal Total+ (OR: After Care, if this will be used for Dubai) so he can get back to his confections right after the treatment.

“I just watched [iFlix for PH, or respective entertainment partner of the country] on the egg chair,” he quips. “Aside from the relaxing atmosphere in the store, I felt really at ease the whole time because the whole treatment was absolutely pain-free.”

Allan wasn’t just amazed at how his teeth got four shades lighter after a short 30-minute session, but also at how it was somehow able to match the color of the crowns. “I love that the crowns aren’t so obvious anymore. I can let my mouth hang open when I’m laughing heartily!”

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