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From braces to (married) bliss

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“I grew up with crooked teeth, so I promised myself I’d get them fixed before getting married,” shares Andrea, a 27-year-old bride-to-be. “So when I got engaged two years ago, I got my braces right away.”

A couple of months before the big day, Andrea finally had her dental braces removed. Her teeth were no longer crooked, but the surfaces were splotched with dark yellow stains and even a handful of brown spots. Despite being quite meticulous with her oral hygiene, two years of wearing braces still left her teeth heavily discoloured.

“I was mortified. My teeth were finally straight but they became so yellow,” she quips. “That would show on all our wedding photos, and I didn’t want that.”

She went online to look for professional teeth whitening treatments, and The Smile Bar turned up in her search. Convinced by customer testimonials on the website  as well as on the brand’s social media pages, she immediately booked an appointment for Single Whitening.

But the results of the first session left her unsatisfied, with her teeth barely a shade lighter at the end of the first 20 minutes. “I almost panicked when the stains didn’t come off right away after the first treatment,” Andrea adds. “But then I realized, I’ve only been on the chair for 30 minutes, and I’m trying to get rid of two years’ worth of stains on my teeth. So of course I needed to give it more time.”

“I was mortified. My teeth were finally straight but they became so yellow,” she quips. “That would show on all our wedding photos, and I didn’t want that.”

Two years of dental braces left very stubborn stains on her teeth, which required a longer treatment period for optimal results. As the day of the wedding was fast approaching, Andrea didn’t have time to waste — so she decided to upgrade to Double Whitening. Towards the end of the second session, she had already noticed the difference.

“The stains really started to come off after the next 20 minutes,” she enthuses. “My teeth were starting to really look great, so I just went for Triple Whitening right then and there!”

With whiter teeth and a brighter smile, Andrea’s growing even more excited as she counts down the days to when she says I do. But as her starting shade was rather high on account of her dental braces, she visited The Smile Bar one more time before the big day for another Triple Whitening session, which then let her reach her teeth’s most natural white.

“Triple Whitening was worth every penny and minute, and my fiancé completely agrees,” Andrea gushes. “I’m so glad I had it done for my wedding, but I know that I’d want to keep smiling just as brightly even after that special day.”

She gifted herself with a Premium White Bundle to maintain her white smile, which had become a total of 12 shades lighter since her very first visit.

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