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A trip to whiter teeth!

Traveler smiling in front of camera with white teeth

As someone who tends to look at other people’s smiles when he first meets them, Jeremy understands and appreciates just how important one’s smile is in creating a positive and lasting impression. This has made the Sydney, Australia native quite meticulous with his oral health.

“I love traveling and meeting new people when I do,” shares the 27-year-old freelance writer and traveler, and recent customer of The Smile Bar. “And there’s nothing quite like a bright, warm, and confident smile to make people warm up to you right away.”

Beyond brushing and flossing, Jeremy has tried practically every do-it-yourself teeth whitening method he’s heard about and/or could find — from rubbing baking soda and lemon on his teeth, to using special gels and toothbrushes — none of which actually helped him achieve the results he wanted.

“And there’s nothing quite like a bright, warm, and confident smile to make people warm up to you right away.”

Professional teeth whitening treatments were actually quite popular in his hometown, but exorbitant prices prevented him from trying any of them out. “While I really wanted to have whiter teeth, I couldn’t bring myself to spend that much on treatments when I could use the same money to travel.”

It was on Jeremy’s last few days of vacationing in the Philippines that he chanced upon The Smile Bar; he was just walking around the mall to pass the time when he saw the store. He walked in just to check on the prices, and walked out an hour later with a whiter, brighter smile.

“I was surprised at how inexpensive teeth whitening at The Smile Bar was as compared to those back home,” he quipped. “And that’s why I decided to give it a try. I thought, in case this thing won’t work on me, then I wouldn’t have lost much.”

But the results amazed Jeremy, who upgraded to Double Whitening right on the spot when he saw how visibly whiter his teeth got after only one 20-minute treatment. After the two treatments, his teeth were six shades lighter, which made him feel more confident.

Friends and family back home didn’t just notice the big change, noting that beyond having whiter teeth, Jeremy now has a brighter smile that he wears more frequently than before.

“A visit to The Smile Bar will be in my itinerary on my next trip to the Philippines,” he adds. “It’s a pity I can’t get this treatment in Australia, but it’s pretty cool that I can travel and get whiter teeth at the same time, right?”

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