Efficient with an immediate result in Teeth Whitening for you to have a great smile that creates an undeniable change. Wear a beautiful Smile with confidence.

The Smile Bar is a wish granted for those who are aiming to have a whiter and brighter teeth that you could show to everyone. We at The Smile Bar secure your safety and your satisfaction towards our Services and Products.

It’s just 20 minutes of your time, The Smile Bar can change the yellowish teeth between 2 to 9 shades whiter using our highly tested product which is the teeth whitening gel with a revolutionary formula and a LED whitening lamp for immediate visible effects.

Depending on the and lifestyle and your dental hygiene. The whitening effect can last up to six months. To maintain that star like smile that brightens everyone, the whitening treatment is recommended on a monthly basis.


The Smile Bar will help you to attain your desirable shade for your  teeth in a very short period of time. The Smile Bar provides you the most relaxing atmosphere while whitening your teeth.

It also features new methods for obtaining a whiter teeth and risk free procedures.

Whitening Treatment: Relaxing and Efficient

Step 1: Orientation and Evaluation

  • Orientation regarding the process for the first timers and returning clients will be given.
  • Our specialist will evaluate your teeth using our teeth shade guide to find out the shade status of your teeth before the process.

Step 2: Pre Whitening Procedure

  • Using our exclusive mouth rinse and toothpaste you will undergo mouth cleaning.

Step 3: The Actual Whitening Procedure

  • Our cosy and comfortable Egg Chair welcomes you to enjoy and relax during the process.
  • Next is the application of our Exclusive Whitening Gel.
  • After the Application of the whitening gel. Your teeth will be exposed for about 20 minutes to our LED PLASMA LIGHT (no worries it’s UV Free).

Step 4: Customer Debriefing

  • Our specialist will re-assess your teeth using the teeth shade guide.
  • The Smile Bar Tender will give you the Do’s and Don’ts of how to maintain your white teeth.

* This procedure will be done according to the package chosen by the customer (1x20min, 2x20min or 3×20 min)
* Mouth Rinse will round up the procedure.

The Smile Bar Results

Teeth Bleaching Results - White teeth- Before/After

You will discover that after 20 minutes procedure your teeth is between 2 to 9 shades whiter. The outcome is undeniably noticeable and can last up to 6 months, depending on your lifestyle and dental practices.

A regular visit at The Smile Bar is highly recommended to maintain your milky white teeth.

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Comfort and Safety are the hallmarks of The Smile Bar’s service

The Smile Bar assure our client a 100% safety of all the products that we are using, specially our Revolutionary Formula Gel. Studies from US NATIONAL LIBRARY of Medicine have confirmed that the active ingredients  in the whitening gel only take effect on Organic Materials such as discoloration from wine, tea, coffee and tobacco that you will achieved a milky white teeth without damaging the enamel. This well advanced teeth whitening procedure is only handled by our Smile Tender Specialist.

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